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Inspiring the youth to find their true potential and to make a difference

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Affirmation cartoon made it to Nigeria

Committed to Inspiring Change

Coach Cordell is a highly energetic and outgoing individual. He beat all odds by overcoming many hardships in his childhood; living in homeless shelters and watching his mother battle drug addiction and abusive relationships. At a young age he struggled to fit in, causing him to make some bad choices along the way. As he began to recognize his potential, his confidence grew exponentially. That’s when he decided to use his circumstances as an opportunity and not a crutch. Cordell became a leader in his community and amongst his peers and inspired others to do the same. His positive impact and energy influences others to be at their absolute best.

About Coach Cordell




·Positive thinking patterns

·Evaluate first, react second

·Crushing the fear of failure

·Suicide Prevention and coping mechanisms

I AM... Affirmations 

·Discovering your purpose and finding confidence within yourself. You are meant to be here!

·Establishing confidence in the classroom and everyday life

·Self-worth and empowerment


· Leadership and how to apply your strengths

·Tools to support Social Emotional Learning



·Setting and achieving your goals

·Building positive actions and habits

·Learn from the past, and let it go

Mission Statement

"My mission is to help empower both students and teachers by coaching and motivating them to see their value and worth and to show them they are capable of anything they put their mind to. The circumstances of my childhood allow me to be a guiding light to children affected by broken homes by giving them the hope they need to push through, because I was once just like them." - Coach Cordell

What Clients are Saying

"Not only did Coach Cordell open my eyes, he opened my heart. He taught me things about myself I didn't even want to know. He allowed me to be vulnerable with no judgment or criticism. He helped me understand how to properly nourish myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cordell gave me many different tools to remind myself of my strength, and my beauty. He taught me to be confident again, and take back what has been mine all along, control. I am very happy that I allowed Cordell to guide me down the right road to find my best self. I'm confident to say those 90 days changed and saved my life and the lord truly sent me an angel."

Lydia R